Beauty Clinic Dr. Funk

Our private beauty clinic in Munich is managed by Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Funk. Dr. Funk took over the clinic in 1995 from Dr. Koslewski, the pioneer of cosmetic-plastic reconstructive surgery, and continues to successfully run the specialist clinic focusing on cosmetic surgery to this day.

The focus is on carrying out inpatient and outpatient treatments in the plastic-aesthetic field. In our clinic, we take a holistic view of our patients. They are given a first-class care offered by Dr. Funk, the medical team, and the specialist staff. Consultation appointments take place in Zurich, Graz, and Vienna.

Range of services in the field of cosmetic surgery

Transgender cosmetic surgeries – Clinic Dr. FunkThe medical team of Dr. Funk offers a very wide range of cosmetic surgeries, including facelifting, breast augmentations, liposuctions, as well as nose corrections and gender surgery. In our beauty clinic, we implement the most innovating methods and use the most modern materials.

We always focus on a surgical technique which is as gentle as possible by producing a natural result and as few side-effects as possible for the patient. In this context, Dr. Funk developed an innovating, improved process in the field of facelifting, the so-called PRESTO facelift. The clinic has been implementing this innovative surgical method for years now and is regularly presented at specialist congresses.

Beauty clinic with a special focus on the field of gender reassignments

Aesthetic surgery offers many options for accompanying gender reassignments. Cosmetic surgery offers the opportunity to emphasize the masculinity or femininity of the face and the entire body. The objective is always to create a coherent overall picture by changing the shape of the face, the nose, and the chin as well as of the chest, the hip, and the buttock.

Through detailed consultations and informational discussions in advance, in our private clinic we succeed in preparing patients as best as possible for cosmetic surgery by generating realistic expectations and by finally discharging satisfied and happy patients.