Facial skin tightening in the context of facial feminization

Tightening of the face for transgender feminization – Clinic Dr. FunkWith increasing age, the facial skin loses its tension and slackens. This also deepens the wrinkles in the area between the mouth and nose.

These are natural aging signs we can expose by means of a facial skin tightening.

In the context of a face lifting, we can achieve a significant rejuvenation by tightening the soft facial tissues.

This way, the visible aging signs can be greatly improved, and the female face looks significantly younger.

To achieve a holistic picture of the feminization of transgender persons, besides the face lifting, there are numerous other options. For a comprehensive overview, please click here: Feminization of the Face.

Another option to make the face look more feminine is the fat injection of autologous fat. You can find information about this method here: Fat injection of autologous fat.


The natural facial aging process

At a higher age, the skin of the face becomes thinner, relaxes, and becomes more wrinkled.

In addition, the supporting fatty tissue breaks down resulting in the face shifting downwards. This aspect is particularly visible in the area of the temples, the lower eyelids and the cheeks.

At the same time, deeper folds such as the nasolabial fold between the nostrils and the mouth corners also form. The bone structure also changes over the years due to aging, and the forehead and chin move forward. Many patients find the formation of so-called sagging cheeks, the formation of a double chin and the deepening of the wrinkles on the neck particularly annoying.

Facial skin tightening of parts of the face

Tightening of the neck for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkThe ideal of beauty of a female face provides for soft shapes, a firm skin, and a smooth forehead and/or a smooth cleavage. By means of a facial skin tightening, we can come as close as possible to this ideal, by taking into account the existing or already changed facial structures.

  • Forehead lifting in the context of the facial feminization
    The breakdown of the subcutaneous fat tissue can result in deep wrinkles formed on the forehead of both men and women. We can smooth this out again by using various methods. Muscle structures can be removed or reduced by using an endoscopic technique. The excess skin is removed, the eyes are more accentuated, and the eyebrows can be brought into a typically feminine position.
  • Midface lifting
    A typical female face has high cheekbones and smooth and fresh facial features. From around the age of 40, in both men and women, the skin between the lower eyelid and the cheek may flatten. The aging process of the midface becomes more evident over the years, and you look tired and exhausted. A midface lifting not only makes you look fresh and well rested but gives you also a more feminine appearance.
  • Tightening of the neck and the décolleté
    Women want an aesthetic, smooth and slender neck without a double chin, which is finely delineated from the margin of the lower jaw. A long, wrinkle-free neck is the absolute ideal when it comes to female beauty. Drooping skin areas can make the neck appear wider and shorter. By means of a neck lifting, you can come much closer to the ideal of beauty of an attractive, female neck. In addition, the insertion of a chin or lower jaw implant is also feasible to optimally round off your appearance.

Facial rejuvenation: Keeping natural facial expressions is crucial

They know the images of mask-like operated faces which lack all facial expressions and gestures. It is crucial to avoid this with a facial skin tightening.

This includes the tightening of the forehead, the temple area, the midface area, and the neck.

The rejuvenating effect is achieved by tightening both skin and muscles.

New procedure for the natural facial skin tightening: the PRESTO facelift

Feminization by tightening the face – Clinic Dr. FunkIn his surgery, Dr. Funk has developed an improved facial skin tightening procedure called PRESTO facelift.

The special focus of this kind of lifting is on the naturalness of the end result. The existing, individual facial structures should be kept.

This surgical technique is less demanding for the ligaments and the supporting tissue layer. In the end, your face will be kept the way it is - just with fewer wrinkles.

Combination of facial skin tightening with other procedures for facial feminization

In the context of the gender reassignment, several operations are often needed for the facial feminization.

The facial skin tightening can be combined with the filling of sunken facial areas with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat.

Furthermore, the insertion of implants into the cheeks and the chin may be combined very well with a facial skin tightening.

Implementation and surgical procedure of a facial skin tightening

The operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia.

  1. Invisible incision
    The incision for the facial skin tightening is usually made at the hairline. This avoids both visible scars and the hairline distortion.
  2. Tightening and removal of excess skin
    For the facial skin tightening, the skin and the underlying structures, the so-called SMAS, will be lifted and tightened in different directions. The excess skin is removed.
  3. Tightening of the facial muscles
    Excess fat deposits are redistributed in the face and a tightening of the facial muscles is performed.
  4. Tissue relining
    If the face is heavily sunken, it may be useful to perform a face relining with hyaluronic acid and autologous fat.

FAQ about facial skin tightening

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You can expect an optical rejuvenation of approximately 10 years.

The rejuvenation effect lasts for many years. Follow-up operations are possible after about 5 to 10 years.

No, it doesn't. The hair is only combed to the side in the area of the incision.

Fortunately, complications are very rare when it comes to the facial skin tightening procedures. Swellings and bruises are common in the operating room, but they disappear after a few days. In some cases, also secondary bleeding may occur. Serious complications such as sustained injuries to important anatomical structures can almost be excluded if an experienced surgeon is chosen.

No, there aren't. The incisions are set so that they merge with the hairline.