Eyelid correction in the context of gender reassignment

The face is a significant distinctive feature between men and women. In the context of a gender reassignment, the focus is not only on the primary genital organs, but on the body as a whole.

In our beauty clinic we accompany native men on their way to a feminine body and can achieve a great effect through an eyelid correction, especially on the face.

In addition to the eyelid adjustment, there are numerous options to achieve a unified image of transgender feminization. For a detailed overview, please click here: Face Feminization.
One option is the adjustment of the eyebrows to make the face look more feminine. You can find information about this method here: Adjustment of the eyebrows.


How do male and female eyelids differ from each other?

Eyelid correction for transgender women / feminization – Clinic Dr. FunkThe upper lids of the eye are naturally different between men and women. If one compares the faces of both sexes, the particularly noticeable aspect is the eyelid furrow.

In women, this furrow is approximately 8 to 10 cm above the edge of the eyelid. In men, this furrow is significantly deeper at a height between 6 and 8 cm.

Furthermore, a male eyelid has significantly more excess skin, while the upper eyelid of the woman is firmer.

An eyelid correction can result in the compensation of these differences.

The eyelid correction of the upper and lower eyelids in cosmetic surgery

Even minor operations on the face often have an extraordinarily strong effect. The surgeon has to be all the more sensitive during the interventions. Especially when it comes to gender reassignment, the eyelid cannot simply be feminized per se. It is crucial that the lid still fits the eye and fits harmoniously into the general facial appearance.

Each face has its own eye shape and eye axis to be taken into account. In the context of the eyelid correction, it is essential to maintain this self-image so that there is no unnatural or alienating result.

Feminization of the eyelid – Clinic Dr. FunkFurthermore, not too much skin must be removed so that the eye does not look "torn" after the surgery. We absolutely want to keep the personal facial expressions and the individual expression of a face and can still make it look more feminine in the end.

The special challenges of the lower eyelid tightening

The lower eyelids are a very sensitive facial area. If they lose their tension, dark circles appear, and the face looks more tired and exhausted. This can be remedied in the context of an eyelid lifting, even if particular caution is required here.

One of the risks involved in such a lower eyelid lifting is, for example, that the eye can no longer close properly afterwards. We would be glad to discuss in a personal consultation interview whether and with which methods a lower eyelid lifting makes sense in your case.

It is very feasible to combine an upper eyelid lifting and a lower eyelid correction in one intervention.

What is the process of a surgery operation for the eyelid correction for facial feminization?

What is an eyelid correction? – feminization – Clinic Dr. FunkWhen it comes to an eyelid correction, a distinction must be made between the upper and the lower eyelid correction.

Surgical procedure lower eyelid correction

In the context of the upper eyelid correction the excess skin is removed to give the face a younger, fresher, and more feminine appearance. In general, the surgery is performed in the out-patient department under local anaesthetic.

However, it is also possible to put the patient into twilight sleep or general anaesthesia. We use a so-called invisible incision running directly inside the anatomical crease of the upper eyelid.

After the removal of the skin and fat tissue, the incision is sutured, and the patient can usually go home on the same day. The upper eyelid correction intervention takes about 40 to 60 minutes.

Surgical procedure lower eyelid correction

With the lower eyelid tightening and/or the removal of tear sacs under the eyes and the so-called crow's feet, the incision is performed just below the lash line or in the edge of the lower eyelid. To achieve an additional harmonization and feminization, the eye can be injected with autologous fat.

This intervention takes between 40 and 60 minutes.

What effects can be expected after an eyelid correction?

If the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon, you can expect very marked and effective changes. An originally more masculine face can get significantly more harmonious and feminine features through the eyelid lifting. Consequently, this intervention is an important component in the whole process of gender reassignment.

What are the risks involved in an eyelid lifting?

As a rule, serious complications are usually not to be expected with this intervention. Common after-effects include puffiness and bruises which form around the eyes. During the first few days, the accompanying symptoms may also include dazed vision caused by the swelling.

FAQ about eyelid correction

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No, it doesn't because as a rule only a one-time intervention is needed. In very rare cases a readjustment may be needed.

Since the eyelid is in direct contact with the eyebrows, it often makes sense to combine the operation with an eyebrow correction.

A plaster is placed on the lid for about 7 days after the surgery. During this time, it is recommended to cover the bandage and bruises with sunglasses.

No, they aren't. The scar runs inconspicuously due to the invisible incision along the eyelid edge. Afterwards, no visible scars will be left from the eyelid surgery.

The costs always depend individually on the scope of the surgery. Since this is a purely cosmetic procedure even in the context of gender reassignment, the surgery costs are usually not covered by the health insurance companies. This is only possible if the view is severely restricted, for example, by heavily drooping eyelids.