Lip correction for facial masculinization

The ideal of beauty is full and voluminous lips in women and narrow and elongated lips in men. In the context of a gender reassignment process, there are numerous small building blocks which may transform a previously female face into a male face. Among others, these blocks include the lip correction for facial masculinization.

When is a lip correction indicated for a transgender patient?

Transgender masculinization: lip correction – Clinic Dr. FunkAs a rule, lip corrections are primarily attributed to women having fuller and larger lips.

More and more frequently, however, transgender patients also want their profile to be harmonized together with other interventions.

Consequently, also their lips as well as their nose, cheekbones and chin should match their identity.

In general, the indication for a lip correction is always given if the patient feels uncomfortable with his reflection in the mirror and if there are medical options to make a change.

What are the lip correction options available for transgender patients?

Depending on the initial situation and the objective of the treatment, in our beauty clinic, we may offer you various lip correction options:

  • Facial masculinization: Possibilities of a lip correction – Clinic Dr. FunkLip build-up with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat
    As a transgender man, if your lip is too thin, it can easily be padded. For this purpose, we use either hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. Both materials are soft, easy to shape and ensure a uniform shape of your lip. While hyaluronic acid remains in the lips for about 1.5 to 2 years until it is gradually broken down, autologous fat often lasts a lifetime after the growth of the fat cells.
  • Lip reduction for a more masculine face
    If the patient perceives the lip as too long, it can be surgically shortened. With a so-called bullhorn plastic surgery, the surgeon may remove some of the skin from the edge of the nose and rotate the upper lip outwards. The result is a generally better accentuation of the lip together with a light facial rejuvenation.
  • Correction of hanging mouth corners
    For both men and women, drooping mouth corners are an aesthetic issue. A muscle pulls the mouth corner downwards. This often gives the face a negative expression. When the surgeon injects Botox into this muscle, the so-called depressor, it loses its strength by getting automatically lifted. The laughing muscle gets more momentum again. The loss of support may later be compensated for with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat.
  • The surgical lip reduction for facial masculinization
    If the patient feels the lip is generally too large, we can perform a surgical lip reduction. The mucous membrane of the lips and the underlying connective tissue are removed. The excess lip red is turned towards the internal part of the mouth in such a way that the lips then appear significantly smaller by losing their typically feminine shape.

What is important when it comes to a lip correction?

After the intervention, the lip must fit harmoniously into the face. For this reason, it is often necessary to combine it with other facial masculinization interventions.

Masculinization with a lip correction: risks? Costs? What should be considered? – Clinic Dr. FunkThe lips must never be the dominant feature on the face - they serve to support the eyes and the overall facial expression. The basic shape of the mouth must also be retained if the final result is to look natural and the patient is to recognize himself in the mirror.

What are the risks involved in a lip correction?

In general, for all interventions, transgender patients should only place themselves in the hands of a surgeon who has appropriate experience in this field. Then the risks are to be assessed as minimal.

In individual cases there may be small bleeding; however, swelling and bruising in the operating theatre are more common. During their first period after the implementation of the intervention, some patients experience skin sensitivity disorders.

What does a lip correction for facial masculinization cost?

A lip correction is a purely aesthetic intervention which is not covered by the health insurance. The costs must also be borne privately by the patient in the context of gender reassignment. We would be glad to arrange a personal consultation interview with you to provide you with an individual cost estimate on this basis.