Buttock augmentation in the context of the body feminization

Feminine buttocks for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkA beautiful, round, aesthetically shaped buttock is one of the main female gender characteristics.

The genetic man naturally has less fat deposits located in the buttock; this is why the male buttock appear flatter and is not as well "padded" as the female one.

We can implement various methods such as autologous fat injection or the insertion of implants to achieve the shaping of a larger, female buttock in transgender patients.

Methods of buttock enlargement

There are various methods to achieve an enlargement of the naturally male buttocks. They differ less during the operation but more when it comes to the choice of the materials to be transplanted into the buttock.

Buttock augmentation by means of artificial materials

In earlier years, the buttock was often filled and shaped by means of artificial materials such as Macrolane or even silicone implants. Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid resulting in a comparatively very strong lifting effect. Today, autologous fat transplantation is the method of choice when it comes to body feminization.

Change the shape of your buttocks with autologous fat – Clinic Dr. FunkButtock augmentation by means of autologous fat

If a buttock enlargement with autologous fat is performed, fat cells are removed from certain parts of the body such as the stomach or the thighs. Then they are processed and punctually injected into the buttock. This puts the surgeon into the position to model the buttock according to the patient's wishes.

What does the buttock look like after the performance of the enlargement?

The autologous fat transplantation permits the injection of fat cells into places where the so-called “cushion” is missing. This way, the buttock may get almost the desired ideal shape. Many patients would like to achieve the so-called "H-shape".

The buttock naturally sinks, especially due to frequent sitting. It is flat at the top and has more volume at the bottom. So, it has the typical A-shape. This can be changed in the context of a buttock enlargement. This results in a volume increase of the upper areas of the buttock and at the same time in a creation of the classic H-shape.

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Performance of the buttock enlargement operation

The buttock enlargement is only a minimally invasive intervention, which does not require any large incisions. The intervention is usually carried out on an outpatient basis. The patient is given a local anaesthetic or, in most cases, is put under general anaesthesia. As a result, she experiences the procedure completely painless.

Three treatment steps are needed in the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Fat removal
    If it is about a buttock enlargement by means of autologous fat, the autologous fat will be removed from the thighs or from the abdominal area.
  • Step 2: Preparation of the fat cells
    After the removal, the fat cells will be prepared. This process should go as quickly as possible, because the sooner the fat cells are retransplanted, the better they will grow afterwards.
  • Step 3: Implantation of fat cells
    After the preparation of the fat cells, they will be transplanted into the buttock.

The intervention usually takes between 3 and 5 hours.

How long will the result of the buttock enlargement last?

The buttock is perfect for a treatment with autologous fat. The muscle tissue in the buttock has an excellent blood circulation so that there the fat cells can grow very well. Nevertheless, patients must expect a slight volume loss between 20 and 30 percent during the first weeks and months after the intervention because not all the transplanted cells grow inside the tissue.

After about 3 months you will see the final result of the buttock enlargement. After about a year, another refreshment can be carried out to achieve a permanent result.

What do I have to consider after the performance of the buttock enlargement?

How can my buttocks be beautifully feminine? – Clinic Dr. FunkDuring the first few days after the treatment, the buttock will be a little swollen, making it difficult to sit. In order to avoid the slipping of the injected fat and to maintain the beautiful shape of the buttock after its enlargement, within the first 6 weeks you should sit as little as possible.

There may also be bruises in the areas that have been suctioned off and a feeling of sore muscles. Over time, however, the pain and swelling will quickly disappear.

What are the risks associated with the buttock enlargement?

The buttock augmentation is a minimally invasive treatment which does not result in large incisions or open wounds. The usual infection risk is reduced by the prophylactic administration of antibiotics. Pain after the invention can be managed very well with painkillers.

What does a buttock enlargement cost?

Buttocks augmentation – how is it done? – Clinic Dr. FunkThe cost of a buttock enlargement depends on the method you choose. The buttock enlargement by means of implants causes the highest costs. The patient choosing the option for a buttock shaping by means of autologous fat often only pay the difference to the liposuction.

The exact costs incurring for the buttock enlargement are calculated individually for each patient after the consultation.

Does the health insurance company take over the buttock enlargement in the context of the body feminization?

No, it doesn't. Even in case of transgender operations, the buttock enlargement will be usually not covered by the health insurance.

Does the buttock also get firmer after the performance of the buttock enlargement?

A tightening effect can be achieved through the targeted filling of the slack areas. In extreme cases, if there is an excessive skin quantity, this may also be removed with an incision, by generally tightening the buttock.

Does the buttock enlargement surgery leave scars?

Feminine buttocks for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkAt a later stage, no scars are left neither when shaping with Macrolane nor with autologous fat. The material is introduced under the skin via cannulas. After this intervention, the maximum which will be left are minor incision points.

How long do I have to take it easy after the buttock enlargement?

Since a buttock shaping, especially if performed with autologous fat, is always combined with liposuction, we recommend a rest period around 14 days. An exercise is possible again after around 4 weeks. You can go back to work just a few days after the performance of the intervention. However, you should avoid any sedentary activities.

Does the buttock feel unnatural after the performance of the buttock enlargement?

No, it doesn't since the intervention results in a completely natural effect - both optically and haptically