Cheek correction carried out after the gender reassignment

There are facial features which are equally attractive to both sexes. To mention an example, they include large eyes and protruding cheekbones.

However, men and women differ in their deviating facial proportions. In the context of a gender reassignment, a check correction can make a typically male face more feminine.

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Another option to make the face look more feminine is the correction of the earlobes. All information about this method can be found here: Adaptation of the earlobes.


Differences between men and women for what concerns the cheeks

Adjusting cheeks for transgender women for a more feminine face – Clinic Dr. FunkThe typical facial proportions develop during puberty.

The hormonal balance is significantly involved in the growth of the face. Girls have very low testosterone levels and higher levels of oestrogen. Consequently, this growth stops faster.

In addition, women have a higher fat percentage in their bodies and faces. This is the reason why their face generally looks rounder and more feminine, and the cheekbones are at a little higher level and further forward. On the other hand, men often have hollow cheeks and flatter cheekbones. This is the fact because they lack the cushioning fat. This makes the male face appear angular.

Cheekbones for facial feminization

The objective of a cheek correction during the process of gender reassignment is to make the face appear rounder, more harmonious, and less prominent. There are different ways to build up the typically flat male cheeks.

In our beauty clinic, we apply the most modern techniques when it is about zygomatic correction. In the context of the cheek correction, we can build up the midface, lift hollow and flat cheeks, and combine the midface lift with an injection of hyaluronic acid if needed.

Cheekbone corrections by means of the most innovating materials

High cheekbones are an aesthetic feature which gives the entire face a charming expression with sex appeal. In the event the surgeon notices a lack of bone shape in the run-up to the operation - and this often happens with men - we are able to fill this up with the most innovating material available in order to give the face a more feminine shape.

In our beauty clinic we use the following materials in order to build up the cheekbones:

  • Bone substitutes
  • Silicone breast implants
  • Cancellous bone splitting

The implants used for the cheek correction are available in different sizes and shapes. The adaptation of the implant to the natural shape of the face is crucial in order to achieve a natural result. A deficiency in the area of the soft tissue block can be compensated for with therapy options such as injections of autologous fat.

Stronger effects achieved by transplants of autologous fat

Transgender cosmetic surgeries – Clinic Dr. FunkIn order to intensify the effect of the cheek correction, we can remove fat from certain areas of the body such as the buttocks in order to fill the face with it. This method makes the facial features even rounder and more harmonious.

A transplant of autologous fat adds volume to the face. The positive side effect is that at the same time it looks younger, fresher and more alert.

Excellent effects which may be achieved by a cheek correction

Even minor facial changes may have a great effect. A cheek reinforcement, the so-called augmentation of the cheek, allows the contour of the cheekbones to stand out. The originally male-looking face, which typically looks more sunken and flatter, gets a feminine expression.

Effects achieved by the build-up of the cheek:

  • Noticeably stronger cheekbones positioned at a higher level
  • Optimization of the midface contour
  • Additional lifting effect

How long does the cheek correction operation take?

The cheek correction is a comparatively small operation taking between 1 and 2 hours.

Can the cheek correction be combined with other interventions?

The cheek lift can be wonderfully combined with other facial feminization interventions. The cheek correction may, for example, be carried out in combination with a reconstruction of the forehead, the lowering of the hairline or a correction of the eyebrow.

How long does the effect of the cheek correction last?

Transgender cosmetic surgeries – Clinic Dr. FunkSince implants and bone substitutes are firmly inserted into the midface, you can expect a permanent effect of the cheek correction. The injection of autologous fat into the respective facial areas also results in a long-term result.

What are the risks involved in a cheek correction?

The cheek correction is a procedure that is usually uncomplicated. In addition to the usual surgical risks which may occur during any intervention, there are often redness and swelling in the surgical area. The swelling will disappear after a couple of days.

Sensory disturbances and numbness can also occur more frequently. In addition, the risk of infection may be reduced to a minimum through the prophylactic administration of antibiotics.

Are there any visible scars from the cheek correction?

No, there aren't. There are no cuts made on the cheeks, but rather on the sides of the face at the hairline, to mention an example.