Chinplasty and chin correction for facial masculinization

A typical characteristic of the male face is an angular, protruding chin. Due to its central position, in the face the chin has a framework function and can make it appear either indecisive and bland or strong and self-confident.
In the context of a chin plastic surgery, we can give transgender patients in particular a profile which better suits their identity.

What is the main characteristic of a typical male chin?

A striking, square chin is an eye-catcher for a man because it signals masculinity. Because of the high testosterone level, the muscles at the corners of the jawbone enlarge during puberty. This gives the whole jaw its square shape. However, in genetic women the chin tapers to a point and is embedded in a smaller and more delicate lower jaw.

What are the chin correction options in the context of a facial masculinization?

In the context of the gender reassignment to men, transgender patients usually desire a wider chin. We can fulfil this wish by using implants and bone substitutes in the context of a chin plastic surgery.

Possible chin corrections during facial masculinization – Clinic Dr. FunkChin augmentation achieved by implants

In our beauty clinic we can look back on many years of experience when it is about chin correction. We have specialized in the area of sex reassignment. So, we know the wishes and requirements of our transgender patients. To make the chin wider, we work with the most innovating materials such as artificial silicone implants and bone substitutes. Thanks to these materials, we are able to a bony or stable reshaping of the area.

Forward displacement of the chin

If patients suffer from a so-called receding chin and desire more angular facial proportions, the forward displacement of the chin is an option for them. In doing so, not the whole jaw, but only the chin as a protruding bone is displaced forward. This protruding bone, perceived as the chin on the face, must be separated from the lower jaw. This has the advantage that the whole lower jaw does not have to be broken which means that it will remain stable. By the forward displacement of the chin, we are able to achieve an essential improvement in the facial profile.

Note: The chin plastic surgery often has an even stronger effect if carried out in combination with other changes such as liposuction or jaw correction.

Reduction of a double chin in the context of a chin correction

Depending on the patient's age and stature, a double chin may develop. If you desire a treatment of the double chin in the context of facial masculinization, we can offer you various methods for this purpose.

  • Facial masculinization: reduce double chins – Clinic Dr. FunkDouble chin liposuction
    We can suction off the excessive fat included in the chin area by means of a very small cannula. As a result, the chin contours emerge better. So, the chin generally looks more distinctive and defined. It is often advisable to carry out a liposuction in combination with a plastic jaw correction.
  • Fat removal injection
    The alternative to liposuction is the fat removal injection. The syringe can be placed specifically in the chin area. Here it dissolves the excessive fat of the double chin.

Is a chin surgery worthwhile for transgender patients?

Is a chin correction sensible for a masculinization? – Clinic Dr. FunkMinor changes, especially in the face, often have an exceptional effect. In particular, this is the case for area of the jaw and the chin. Transgender patients have the understandable desire to be perceived as a man at first glance. Gender reassignment surgery means more than just an approximation of the primary sex organs.

With a chinplasty, the surgeon can give the whole face a male profile. This way, the expression can be changed accordingly. We know from our experience that the transgender patients are very satisfied with the result because it gives them the opportunity to become more self-confident.

The chin plastic surgery can be combined well with a jaw correction or with a nose correction. We would be glad to discuss these options with you in a personal consultation.

Are there any risks during a chin surgery?

Transgender masculinization: risks of a chinplasty – Clinic Dr. FunkIf the chin correction is carried out by an experienced surgeon, it is a comparatively low-risk intervention.

The very rare risks include malfunctions for what concerns the functionality and the movement of the jaw. Immediately after the intervention, patients must expect severe swelling. At the beginning, there can be chewing problems However, they will subside again after a short time.

In any case you have to be prepared for the fact that at the beginning you will only be able to eat liquid or very soft food. The prophylactic administration of antibiotics may largely exclude infections and wound healing disorders. However, patients have to pay more attention to oral hygiene so that the fresh wounds do not cause inflammation inside the oral cavity.

Are there any scars from a chin correction later on?

The surgeon makes the incision inside the oral cavity. After the intervention, the wounds are sutured with self-dissolving sutures so that from the outside no scars will remain visible.