Liposculpture for the body feminization

Feminization by body shape adjustment – Clinic Dr. FunkThe female body has the typical shape of an hourglass with a narrow waist and wide hips. In addition, the fat distribution is regulated in a different way in a genetic woman. The body of the genetic woman is better "padded" - especially in the hip region.

This gives the contours a softer and generally more feminine appearance. If the body has to become more feminine in the context of an intervention for body feminization, we can redistribute the fat through liposculpture by giving the male body a new shape.

Body feminization by a liposculpture

The female body is fundamentally contoured differently than that the male body. A feminine silhouette is characterized by the female breast and the typical hourglass figure with a narrower waist and a relatively wider hip.

A woman's buttock also has a higher fat percentage than that of a man and is generally larger. All these zones can be shaped by means of a liposculpture in such a way that a male becomes a female body shape.

In order to achieve a holistic picture of the feminization of transgender people, besides the liposculpture, there are other options. For a detailed overview, click here: Body feminization.
Another way to make the body appear more feminine is the buttock adjustment. By clicking here, you can find information about this method: How do I get a female hip?


These are the advantages offered by liposculpture for body shaping

How do I get a body with a feminine shape? – Clinic Dr. FunkBreast, hip and buttock augmentations can also be performed by means of implants. However, the insertion of implants is a much more invasive procedure. The insertion of a foreign body is always associated with more risks and side- effects than the alternative of fat transfer.

This is why, in most cases, liposculpture is the method of choice. Implants are only used if the autologous fat does not suffice. The autologous fat transplant is an ideal method of filling areas of the body with autologous fat instead of using chemical fillings or implants.

It is very efficient, minimally invasive and able to produce natural results. In addition, the fat transfer is always preceded by liposuction, so that at the same time, for example, the abdomen or thighs can become slimmer.

Which body areas can be shaped in the context of a liposculpture?

  • Liposculpture for a feminine breast – Clinic Dr. FunkLiposculpture for the build-up of the female breast
    The build-up of the female breast is one of the first operations performed in the context of a gender reassignment. Patients who have already started taking hormones for a gender reassignment before the period of puberty often naturally get a female breast due to the oestrogen.
    The later the hormones are taken, the more often a surgical breast augmentation is needed. The breast augmentation may be performed with implants or autologous fat. The insertion of implants can be more difficult in the genetic man since there is more muscle and the skin around the chest is generally firmer.
    In the event the patient opts for a breast augmentation with autologous fat, the procedure usually takes place in several steps so that the skin has time to stretch. A breast augmentation with autologous fat is not recommended for all transgender women - we will explain all the options to you in a personal consultation interview in our beauty clinic.
  • Liposculpture for hip enlargement
    The liposculpture is also the method of choice for the hip enlargement. Transgender women often come to our clinic with the desire to have a typical hourglass figure with wider hips. The two-sided transfer of fat gives the silhouette rounder, softer shapes.
  • Liposculpture for the enlargement of the buttock
    The male buttock is naturally flatter and not as voluminous as a female one. This is the reason why many transgender patients wish to have their buttock enlarged in the context of a body feminization. This intervention can also best be carried out by means of autologous fat. The intervention is also called the Brazilian Butt Lift. This form of buttock enlargement is particularly suitable for transgender women because the simultaneous liposuction, for example on the area of the abdomen, gives the body a more feminine contour in other body regions as well.

Procedure of a liposculpture for the body shaping

The general process of a liposculpture always follows the same steps.

  1. Liposuction
    In the first step, the fat cells are removed from an area of the body where there are enough fat cells. In most cases, this is either the abdomen or the thighs. The fat cells are sucked out by means of a blunt hollow needle and a special suction device.
  2. Filtration
    At a later stage, the extracted body fat is filtered and separated from blood, oil and other substances. This process should be carried out as soon as possible so that as few fat cells as possible die off.
  3. Fat injection
    The processed fat is injected into the appropriate part of the body which has to be shaped. To improve the growth rates, we only work with a very small fat amount per injection.

Since some of the transplanted fat cells do not grow, the procedure can be repeated after 6 to 12 months until the achievement of the desired result.

You can do this yourself to achieve an improvement of the results

It is crucial that you avoid pressure on the transplanted areas. Otherwise, it may occur that the fat cells migrate, resulting in undesired deformations. After the intervention, you will receive a pressure bandage which must absolutely be kept on. Avoid exercise, heavy lifting, and other physically demanding activities for 3 weeks.

Is the result of the lip sculpture permanent?

Approximately 60 percent of the transplanted fat cells remain in the body permanently, while the rest is reabsorbed. The percentage of growing fat cells actually depends on various factors. First of all, it is important to process the removed fat cells very quickly and to use them again as soon as possible. This results in increased growth rates. In addition, the best growth of the fat cells is achieved by an improved blood circulation.

If needed, the liposculpture can be repeated after one year in order to achieve a permanently satisfactory result.