Buttock correction for body masculinization

If the body of a transgender patient has to be adapted to the perceived identity, then the buttock play an important role as well. Born women naturally have a higher fat percentage in their bodies. This is the reason why they have a more voluminous and rounder buttock. In our beauty clinic, we carry out suitable surgical measures in order to masculinize the body.

The typically female and typically male buttock

Buttock correction for body masculinization – Clinic Dr. FunkThe buttock of genetic women ideally has the so-called H-shape. This means that the buttock is evenly round and voluminous in both the upper and lower areas.

On the other hand, men often have a slightly flatter buttock although the fat is evenly distributed in the upper and lower areas as well.

Whether man or woman:
The reality often deviates from the ideal. Both sexes show the typical sagging buttock lacking volume in the upper area. In the context of a cosmetic operation, this visual flaw can be corrected.

What are the options in the field of a postforming in transgender patients?

In plastic surgery there are very different options to shape the buttock as desired. In this context, a basic distinction is made between a reduction, a shaping and an enlargement. The desire of many patients is the classic H-shape where the fat is evenly distributed in the upper and lower block.

Possibilities of buttock corrections for transgender men – Clinic Dr. Funk1. Buttock reduction to achieve masculinization

If you want to be operated to become a man, but naturally have a very large, round, female buttock, you can achieve a surgical reduction. Liposuction in the right places makes the buttock smaller. In our beauty clinic, we prefer water jet assisted liposuction. This method is called WAL method. In comparison with other methods, the WAL method is gentler and more precise. Often, however, autologous fat must be introduced into the supporting and shaping areas at the same time. Liposuction changes the proportions of the buttock so that your body loses its typical feminine silhouette in this area.

2. Buttock tightening/buttock lifting for men

From a surgical point of view, there are a number of options to tighten a sagging buttock. Since a firm buttock is not only ideal for women, but also for men. To achieve the tightening of the buttock, an incision can be carried out in the area of the skin folds. Here, the excess skin will be removed. At the same time, the "sunken" points are usually reworked by means of autologous fat.

3. Compensation of asymmetries of the buttock

Sometimes the buttock shows asymmetries due to age or existing from birth. Neither for women nor for men this is beautiful. If transgender patients are bothered by bumps in their buttock, we are able to fix them with a volume build-up and/or by padding, for example. Either autologous fat or Macrolane is used for this purpose. Macrolane can be used over a large area to achieve a volume build-up of the buttock, however, the result only lasts 1 to 2 years and must then be repeated. Lasting results are achieved by means of the introduction of autologous fat into the buttock.

In earlier times, implants were used for the buttock shaping. Generally speaking, however, these were only used to feminize the buttock. In addition, autologous fat is the material of choice today to give the buttock its desired masculine shape.

How long will the result of a buttock correction last in transgender patients?

This depends on the desired result and on the method used for it. If the buttock is filled and shaped with autologous fat, you must expect a volume loss between 20 and 30 percent in the first few weeks after the intervention.

Masculinization / buttock correction: results, risks, costs – Clinic Dr. FunkApproximately 70 percent of the fat cells grow permanently. If after a year you notice that you desire more volume in some buttock areas, the intervention can be repeated at any time.

What are the risks associated with the buttock correction for buttock shaping?

In case of the buttock modelling by means of autologous fat, this is a very low-risk intervention which does not result in cuts or wounds. If a buttock lifting is performed, a minor scar is created. However, the latter is attached by the surgeon so that, if possible, it disappears into the fold of the skin. Pain after the invention can be managed very well with painkillers.

What do I have to take into account after a buttock correction?

Depending on the type of treatment, which was carried out, during the first few days after the operation, the buttock can be a little swollen and painful. In order to avoid the slipping of the injected fat and to maintain the beautiful shape of the buttock after its enlargement, within the first 6 weeks you should sit as little as possible and sleep on your stomach at night if possible.

What does a buttock shaping cost in the context of a transgender surgery?

The costs for a buttock correction are usually not covered by health insurance companies. In case of a modelling by means of autologous fat, the costs include the fat removal, the preparation, and the modelling of the buttock with the obtained fat cells. We are not able to provide a flat rate for the costs. We would be glad to provide you with a detailed cost estimate after a non-binding consultation.