Forehead reconstruction for facial masculinization

In order for an originally female face to have male contours, the forehead often has to be modified as well. Due to its high presence on the face, the forehead modification is one of the most striking ways to noticeably change the face and, in this case, to masculinize it. We would be glad to advise you in our beauty clinic about this option of facial masculinization.

What are the characteristics of a typically male forehead?

The bony ridge of the forehead is much more pronounced in men than it is the case in women. In surgery, it is also known as bossing. The bony ridge is barely noticeable on the female face. The forehead angle is much more steeply contoured in men than in women who lack the so-called brew-bone.

Transgender men: masculinization with a forehead correction – Clinic Dr. FunkThis is the reason why, in a side view, the female face has a more vertical shape and the angle between the nose and forehead is more open. This makes the female forehead appear rounder and more harmonious, while the man's forehead appears more prominent and angular.

The brow-bone as a male identity feature

Men have the so-called brow-bone. This is the raised bone rim that lies above the eye cavities. In the female forehead structure, this brow-bone is either not present at all or is only very subtle.

The flat spot between the eye cavities

If you look closely at the male forehead, you will often see a flat area between the eye cavities. This flat spot does not exist in the female face; at this point there is appropriate filler material.

In the context of a forehead reconstruction for facial masculinization, we can largely compensate for these differences. This way we are able to give the entire face a more masculine structure.

Build-up of brow-bones for a more masculine face

In the context of a gender reassignment from a woman to a man, the focus of aesthetic considerations is on the brow-bone. By means of the most innovating materials, we are able to achieve an artificial build-up of this bone. In our clinic, we like to work with an appropriate bone cement created by the phenotypic bulge.

Furthermore, we have the option of modelling the forehead with autologous fat at this point. In a personal consultation interview in our beauty clinic in Munich, we will show you the options for a brow-bone reconstruction. So, together with you, we will find the best solution.

Eyebrow masculinization

Masculinization / forehead correction: Risks and costs – Clinic Dr. FunkIn men, the eyebrows sit just below the orbital margins, while in women they are slightly above them. The shape and the position of the eyebrows may be changed in the context of the forehead lifting. This requires a surgical incision, which is placed in the hairline so that no visible scars are left. This minor incision can mobilize the eyebrows by bringing them into the desired shape.

Does the final result of the forehead masculinization look natural?

Since the forehead and the eyebrows are an essential feature of the facial expression, the eyebrow masculinization must be performed very carefully so that the final result does not appear artificial and unnatural. For this reason, this intervention should only be performed by an experienced surgeon who is well acquainted with the intricacies and specifics of this intervention. In our beauty clinic, we have specialized in facial masculinization and have been successfully performing forehead reconstruction interventions for many years.

Is the forehead reconstruction a painful procedure?

Generally speaking, the facial masculinization interventions are performed under general anaesthesia. Consequently, you will not feel any pain during the intervention. A few days after the intervention, you may still experience slight pain. However, this can be treated with standard painkillers.

What are the risks involved in the forehead reconstruction in transgender surgeries?

More masculine face / appear more masculine with a forehead correction – Clinic Dr. FunkThe forehead reconstruction surgery is a very sensitive intervention requiring a lot of sensitivity. The intervention is associated with the usual surgical risks. We will inform you about them very precisely in advance.

Many patients experience numbness on their foreheads for up to 3 months after the intervention, but this numbness gradually fades. Due to the swelling in the area of the eyes and the forehead, the patient's vision may be blurred for a while and affect their everyday life somewhat. You can expect an altered feeling on the scalp as well.

During the surgery, depending on the intervention performed, the scalp must be detached so that a feeling of tension can arise afterwards. In most cases, the feeling and the awareness will be completely restored after a year. The typical risks also include hair loss, primarily in the forehead area. However, it will regulate itself again.

How much does the forehead reconstruction cost?

As a rule, the costs of the forehead reconstruction in the context of facial masculinization are not covered by the health insurance. For a cost estimate, it is best to make a direct consultancy appointment with Dr. Funk. He will determine the best method for your forehead reconstruction by then submitting you an individual cost estimate.

Are there any visible scars on the hairline due to a reconstruction of the forehead?

The surgical cut on the hairline creates a scar. So that this is as inconspicuous as possible after healing, it is irregularly curved during the cut. Immediately after the intervention, the scar is red and clearly visible. After a period of approximately 6 weeks, the hair grows through the scar, which largely disappears visually.