Chinplasty and chin correction for facial feminization

The chin shape essentially shapes the contour of the whole face. Men have a larger, more prominent chin which usually protrudes further. The ideal image for women, however, is a small and round chin. In the context of gender reassignment, by the performance of a chin correction we are able to transform a male-looking profile to achieve a more feminine facial appearance.

The perfect female chin

What can transgender women gain from a chin correction? – Clinic Dr. FunkWomen usually have a smaller, dainty lower jaw by nature. And this lower jaw also has a small chin in proportion. In addition, the female chin is rather pointed, while men have a square, distinctive chin shape.

During the period of puberty, a man's chin widens due to the high testosterone content. In general, also the muscles at the corners of the jawbone become larger. The female jaw runs more round in a gentle curve to a more pointed chin. This minor difference can result in a significant change of the face by making it look more masculine or more feminine.

The surgical chin reduction

How can I change my chin? – Clinic Dr. FunkWomen desire soft and harmonious facial contours; a protruding, too angular chin contradicts this aesthetic desire. It is surgically feasible to both shrink and enlarge the chin. In order to achieve a facial feminization, however, it is usually always necessary to perform a reduction of the chin in size.

Surgical methods for chin reduction

A chin reduction can be performed in various ways. In a consultation, we would be glad to clarify which method is the suitable one for you.

  • Chin reduction by grinding
    The chin grinding is a method to achieve a reduction of the chin in size if the chin is too large, too prominent and has an angular shape. In this context, the jawbone is milled off and shaped accordingly. For this purpose, an incision must be performed inside the mouth under general anaesthesia. Thanks to the removal of the bone substance, the chin will take on the desired shape.
  • Chin reduction by moving the jaw
    This more invasive method of chin reduction involves the removal of a jawbone piece and the movement of the whole jaw backwards. The lower part is connected to the residual part of the jaw with a metal bar. The result is a smaller chin which no longer protrudes outwards. However, this method is rarely used.

Thanks to a chin reduction, a face can generally appear more feminine and friendlier. Depending on the chosen method and on the given physiological requirements, significant treatment results may be achieved. However, also finer corrections are feasible by performing a chinplasty.

Double chin correction for facial feminization

When it comes to a double chin, we take a completely different approach than to surgical chin reduction. A double chin is the result of an excessive build-up of fat, which can be removed by liposuction or by a fat-away-injection.

What are the risks associated with chinplasty?

How does a chin correction help with feminization? – Clinic Dr. FunkThe chinplasty should always be performed by an experienced surgeon so to avoid any subsequent disturbances for what concerns the jaw movement. A professionally performed intervention is comparatively low-risk.

After the intervention, patients must expect severe swelling in the operating area. In addition, initial pain and chewing difficulties must be expected. Wound healing disorders and infections may be largely excluded thanks to the prophylactic administration of antibiotics.

You can positively influence and accelerate the subsidence of the swelling by sufficiently cooling the area. Be prepared for the fact that you will only be able to eat liquid food for the first time after the intervention, until the wounds in the mouth have healed properly.

FAQ about chin correction in the context of facial feminization

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Since there is initially strong swelling after the operation, the result of the chin correction will not be immediately visible. Only after a few weeks or even after a few months the swelling will have been completely subsided so that you can admire your new chin.

No, they won't. Even if the chin correction is performed in the context of a gender reassignment, it is an aesthetic intervention which is usually not covered by the health insurance. After a consultation, we would be glad to make you an offer for a chin plastic surgery at Dr. Funk.

No, there aren't since the cuts are deliberately performed inside the mouth so that the chin plastic is invisible from the outside. However, patients have to pay more attention to oral hygiene so that no inflammation will be caused inside the oral cavity.

The chin plastic surgery can be combined well with a jaw correction or with a nose correction. We would be glad to clarify this question in a personal consultation interview with you.