Jaw correction for facial masculinization

The position and shape of the jaw is a crucial distinguishing feature between the sexes. Women often have a slimmer and narrower jaw. On the contrary, the man's chin and jawline are wider and more prominent. Thanks to a jaw correction, the previously female profile can appear significantly more masculine.

What makes a typical male jaw?

The testosterone surge during the period of puberty strengthens the male muscles at the corners of the jawbone. The female jaw curves gently from the earlobe to the chin, while this part of the male face is typically straight. The man's chin and jaw are square, while their shape in a woman is more harmonious and rounded. This is the reason why the objective of the jaw correction for the facial masculinization is to strengthen this shape.

What are the options for jaw correction offered to transgender patients?

If the objective is the conversion from the genetic woman to the man, it is usually a matter of jaw enlargement and of giving it a more angular shape.

Transgender men – How can my jaw appear more masculine? – Clinic Dr. FunkIn our beauty clinic, we have various surgical options for this purpose.

The jaw enlargement through implants

For the jaw enlargement and to give it its typically wide and angular shape, we can use implants or bone substitutes. In our beauty clinic we work with the most innovative material to bring about a bony or stable reshaping of this area. During the operation, the implants are fixed by means of titanium screws, which remain in the jaw permanently.

Reduction of the soft tissue volume by means of liposuction

From birth, women have more autologous fat than men, and this is especially the case in the jaw area.

Transgender men / masculinization: possible jaw corrections – Clinic Dr. FunkWe are able to reduce this volume with liposuction. As a result, the jaw shape emerges more clearly. Furthermore, the face loses its rounder shape by appearing generally more masculine. It often makes sense to combine the liposuction with other procedures such as jaw augmentation with implants. Through a liposuction we can bring about a noticeable profile contouring.

Facial rejuvenation with a fat-away-injection

A similar effect may be achieved by carrying out a fat-away-injection. The active ingredient phosphatidylcholine ensures that the fat pads dissolve in the suitable places while the body gradually breaks down this liquefied fat. This method requires a very sensitive approach in order to avoid the removal of too much fat. In the end, it is about the creation of an aesthetic appearance.

Procedure for the surgical jaw correction

The surgical procedure depends on which procedure must be carried out for the jaw correction. If it is only about liposuction or fat dissolution (lipolysis), then no anaesthesia will be needed. At this point we will outline the surgical procedure performed for the jaw enlargement with implants.

Transgender masculinization: the procedure of a jaw correction – Clinic Dr. FunkStep 1: Consultation and preliminary interview

In our beauty clinic, we specialize in the treatment of transgender patients by looking back on extensive experience in this field. We take our time for a detailed consultation and together we will find the best way for the masculinization of your face.

Step 2: Anaesthesia

The chin rebuilding intervention is always performed under general anaesthesia.

Step 3: Surgical incision

To avoid noticeable scars, the surgeon carries out the incision inside the oral cavity. From there he has open access to both sides of the jaw.

Step 4: Insertion of the implants

In our beauty clinic, we work with the most modern materials. We use specially shaped implants made of Gore-Text or other synthetic materials for jaw correction or jaw adjustment as part of a gender reassignment to enlarge the jaw. The exact shape is determined before the operation. The implants are fixed by means of titanium screws.

Step 5: Completion of the operation

After the attachment of the implants, the wounds are sutured with self-dissolving sutures.

What physical restrictions do I have after a jaw correction?

During the first few weeks after the jaw correction, the jaw only functions to a very limited extent. This is why you will only be able to eat liquid or very soft foods during that time.

After about 1 to 2 months, the bone will have healed and can consequently be fully loaded again. After about 2 to 3 weeks you will be able to participate in society again. Sports activities are possible again after approx. 6 weeks.

What are the risks of a jaw correction?

This procedure may only be carried out by an experienced surgeon, since in the worst-case-scenario it can result in a loss of the functionality of the jaw and its chewing function. If the procedure is carried out professionally, this risk will be extremely low.

Jaw correction for transgender men: risks? Which surgeon is the right one? – Clinic Dr. FunkDuring the consultation interview, we will explain to you in advance all the risks involved in the jaw correction. Among the common surgical risks there are swelling and bruising in the operated area.

When will the final result of the jaw correction be visible?

Immediately after the operation you will not be able to see the final result in the mirror. Only after the swelling will have been subsided after approximately 8 weeks you can admire the final result of your facial masculinization in the mirror.

As a transgender patient, how do I find the suitable clinic for a jaw correction?

The jaw correction is an invasive procedure. This is why it should only be performed by an experienced surgeon. In our beauty clinic, we have specialized in the field of sex reassignments by gaining experience over the years. We also carried out very demanding interventions.

We know the wishes of our transgender patients and can look back on numerous successful stories in the field of oral surgery. You are in safe hands with us if you decide to have a jaw correction.

Is a jaw correction worthwhile for transgender patients?

Not every transgender patient must undergo a jaw correction in the context of a gender reassignment. The indication is only given if you do not feel comfortable with your appearance and especially with your facial profile and wish to take further steps towards masculinization. It is often advisable to combine the jaw correction with operations on the chin or cheeks so that the face gets the right balance.