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A pronounced larynx is generally regarded as a sign of masculinity.

Compared to the larynx of a woman, the male "Adam's apple", as the larynx is commonly known, is considerably more prominent. This may be emotionally distressing, particularly in the case of a trans identity.

As a clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich, we conduct larynx reductions to ensure that the patients concerned can restore their self-assuredness and find greater satisfaction with their outer appearance.

When is larynx reduction worthwhile?

Generally speaking, the surgery may be undergone by anyone who is dissatisfied with an overly pronounced larynx.

A common procedure here is chondrolaryngoplasty, which is carried out in the course of gender reassignment.

We will gladly accompany you on the path to a more feminine appearance. Many patients are not even aware that this plastic surgery option even exists. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to provide you with comprehensive information about larynx reduction.

What results are to be expected from the surgery?

After the larynx has been successfully reduced, the throat area appears softer and more feminine. The larynx does not stand out as prominently as was previously the case.

Reduction of the Adam’s apple: The operation

Larynx reduction - Klinik Dr. FunkShaving the larynx is not a major procedure.

During the operation, a small incision is made at the height of the larynx to reveal the thyroid cartilage. This thyroid cartilage is what gives the Adam's apple its shape.

To reduce the thyroid, we surgically remove the excess portion of the cartilage. This makes the Adam's apple appear smaller.

Prior to this, we examine how much cartilage can be removed without damaging the vocal cords, which are located directly beneath the cartilage. To achieve this, our experienced surgeons use an endoscopic camera to localise the precise location.

This procedure enables us to ensure that the vocal cords will not be affected by the shaving of the larynx.

Does the procedure leave visible scars on the throat?

The incision required to shave the larynx is approximately 2 to 3 cm in length. After the surgery we stitch it strategically to make sure that no visible scar occurs.

Follow-up check in the days following surgery

A follow-up check is performed in the days following larynx reduction. Here we check the healing progress and the scar.

After the operation: The healing process

Larynx reduction - after the operation - Klinik Dr. FunkAfter surgery we apply a light pressure dressing. Light swelling is to be anticipated, which we can treat well with decongestant medication.

Cooling can also help reduce the swelling. We advise our patients to rest after larynx reduction surgery.

If possible, try to keep speaking and swallowing to a minimum. After around 7 to 14 days the stitches are removed from the throat.

We will be happy to give you tips and suggestions for optimal scar care.


Risks & complications: How risky is shaving the larynx?

Larynx reduction - risks and complications - Klinik Dr. FunkLarynx reduction is a routine operation for which no complications are to be expected. As with any operation, in the scope of the consultation we nonetheless inform you of all potential risks and complications that may arise in the scope of the surgery.

It is important that you only have your larynx shaved by experienced surgeons. The cosmetic surgery requires a degree of experience to ensure that a natural result with even contours is obtained. In addition, care must be taken not to remove too much cartilage, to avoid damaging the vocal cords.

Overall, larynx reduction is a safe and effective procedure, with the majority of patients satisfied with the outcome.

FAQs: Your questions regarding the operation

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No. The deep, masculine voice arises during puberty as the result of hormonal changes. The pitch of the voice depends on how much the larynx grows during puberty.

In men the hormones ensure that the larynx is considerably more pronounced in most cases and that the voice is consequently also deeper. The change in the size of the larynx leads to the vocal cords also becoming longer and thicker - the thyroid cartilage shaved in the course of the operation has no influence on this.

The pitch of the voice is therefore not affected by the shaving of the larynx.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, so you will feel nothing during the operation. Mild to medium pain may occur after the surgery in the area of the operation, but this can be dealt with well with painkillers.

Larynx reduction surgery takes approximately 1 hour. We typically perform the surgery as an outpatient operation, so that you can return home directly afterwards.

On request, you can also spend a night in our clinic following the operation for observation purposes.