Cheek correction for facial masculinization

The facial structure differs significantly between the sexes. One of the prominent features on a genetic woman's face is its high cheekbones. On the other hand, native men have slightly deeper, flatter cheekbones, which is an important visual distinguishing feature.

In the context of a gender reassignment, we can make the entire face look more masculine in our beauty clinic by implementing the adjustment of the cheek contours.

A modification of the cheekbones makes the face more masculine

The typical facial proportions develop during the period of puberty. The female face gets its typical round shape due to the low level of testosterone and the high oestrogen levels. This shape can be made more angular, for example, by grinding the cheekbones or by liposuction.

Appear more masculine by a cheek correction – Clinic Dr. FunkThe cheek correction may reshape the midface contour by making the face shape thinner. As a result, the typically feminine contour is lost. Consequently, the face will appear more masculine at first glance.

Cheek correction by the reduction in size of the facial muscles

We can inject Botox into the cheek area so that the face gets a narrower appearance in the end. If the face has a too voluminous appearance in the cheek area, the facial muscles can be weakened by botulinum toxin. This results in a reduction in volume of the muscle and the face becomes more distinctive.

Liposuction of the Soft Tissue Sheath

An excessively wide, padded, female face can become finer and more masculine after the implementation of liposuction. For this purpose, the finest cannulas are used to gradually suck off the cheek fat. In the end, this procedure results in a face having better proportions.

Facial rejuvenation with a fat-away-injection

The fat-away-injection has also proven its worth for facial contouring in the context of a gender reassignment. The active ingredient phosphatidylcholine is injected into the fat pads. After the injection, it begins to dissolve. The body naturally breaks down the fat and the fat percentage in the affected area decreases.

This facial rejuvenation measure must be used very sensitively, in particular when it is about the face, because men also have small fat pads that have to be kept are essential for an aesthetic appearance. In the end, it is crucial that there are no hollow cheeks.

When is the indication for a cheek correction given during a gender reassignment?

A transgender patient does not have to undergo all the potentially feasible interventions. Generally speaking, a cheek correction is indicated if the genetic woman is dissatisfied with her gender reassignment because she has an extremely feminine a face and is still perceived as a woman from the outside.

Transgender masculinization / cheek correction: When is it sensible? Risks? – Clinic Dr. FunkIn this case, the cheek correction, often implemented in combination with further interventions, can result in more self-confidence and greater satisfaction with one's own reflection.

What are the risks of a cheek correction?

The cheek correction is a procedure that is usually uncomplicated. If the cheek correction is carried out under general anaesthesia, we will inform you in advance about the usual surgical risks. Frequently and in many cases, there is redness and swelling in the operating area. However, these subside after a few days.

Sensory disturbances and numbness can also occur more frequently. In addition, the infection risk may be reduced to a minimum through the prophylactic administration of antibiotics. Thanks to a cheek correction by means of liposuction, of the fat-away or Botox injection into the cheek muscle, this is usually completely superfluous. In this context, either a local anaesthetic is used or the work is carried out entirely without anaesthetic.

Are there any visible scars from the cheek correction?

No, there aren't. If incisions are required, they will be carried out inside the mouth. Generally speaking, the syringes leave no scars.

What does a cheek correction for facial masculinization cost?

A cheek correction for facial masculinization is an intervention which is carried out for purely aesthetic reasons. This is the reason why in these cases the costs for a cheek correction are not covered by the health insurance and must be borne privately by the patient. The respective costs depend on the method chosen.

We would be glad to make you an individual offer with a cost estimate after a personal consultation interview in our beauty clinic.