Liposculpture for the body masculinization

The liposculpture is a surgical option to emphasize the perceived gender in different body parts.

The liposculpture is a form of liposuction which has been greatly improved during the recent years through the use of finer cannulas and thanks to the introduction of saline solutions.

Which benefits does the liposculpture offer?

By using the so-called WAL method, a saline solution is injected into the fatty tissue which is to be loosened. This results in an easier peeling-out of the fat calls from the tissue and at the same time in a reduction of the bleeding to a minimum extent.

Furthermore, the formation of bruises after the intervention is limited to a minimum.

The process of a liposculpture

Liposuction for body masculinization – Clinic Dr. FunkOur clinic has specialized in cosmetic surgery for transgender patients for many years. We would be glad to advise you on the options of giving your female body a masculine shape by means of a liposculpture.

Please arrange a non-binding consultation appointment. During this appointment, we will compare your ideas with the medical options and inform you in detail about any potential risks. The liposculpture is performed under local anaesthesia.

The WAL method of liposuction

In our beauty clinic, we use the WAL method for liposculpture. The Water-Assistant-Liposuction is a water-assisted liposuction.

The surgeon brings a fanned-out stream of saline solution under slight pressure through a cannula into the adipose tissue. The pulsating jet gently peels the fat cells out of the tissue.

After that, they are suctioned off with the saline solution. We use very fine cannulas reaching a approximate diameter between 2 and 3 millimetres. This reduces postoperative swelling.

Body masculinization by means of a liposculpture

The male silhouette has a typical box-shape. The chest, waist and hips of a normal figure usually run approximately in one line, while the female body has the hourglass-shape.

The female body is wider at the chest and hips while it is tapered towards the waist. If genetic women want a more masculine body shape in the context of a gender reassignment, many results can be achieved by means of a liposculpture.

  • Body masculinization with liposculpture – Clinic Dr. FunkThe liposculpture for hip adjustment
    The female body naturally has a significantly higher body fat percentage. This is particularly noticeable on the hip. If transgender patients want a more masculine body shape, we can perform a fat reduction in the hip area so to slim down the hip.
  • The liposculpture for breast reduction
    One of the primary sexual features is the female breast. This is the reason why this area of the body is one of the first to be adjusted in the context of a gender reassignment. Generally speaking, a major surgical procedure is required to reduce the female breast, in which the glandular and fatty tissue and the excess skin are removed. Sometimes it is also recommendable to use a liposculpture to suck off the excess fat from the outer chest. Furthermore, the liposuction can be used in this area for fine corrections to the silhouette.
  • The liposculpture for the buttock shaping
    Many genetic women naturally have a large, round, and well-padded buttock. Transgender patients who want a more masculine shape of their buttock can consider liposculpture. Liposuction in the right places makes the buttocks smaller. It often makes sense to apply fat to both the supporting and shaping areas. Liposuction changes the proportions of the buttock so that your body loses its typical feminine silhouette in this area.

What is essential after a liposculpture

The fat removal results in a wound inside the body. And this wound takes time to heal. Depending on the size of this wound, you should therefore take it easy for a while by only doing light physical work. If the extracted fat is contemporaneously retransplanted at other places, you should avoid any stress of these body areas so that the fat cells can grow properly.

Is the result of the liposculpture permanent?

Yes, it is. The extracted fat behaves like a cut off body part and either does not grow back at this point or only grows back in a reduced form. For this reason, one can speak of a permanent result achieved by liposculpture when it is about body masculinization.