Lip correction for facial feminization

A look at the lips of a face provides an important clue as to whether the face is the face of a man or a woman. For women, a full, round, red mouth is the absolute ideal of beauty. In the context of the gender reassignment, a lip correction can make the narrower male mouth generally more feminine.

The lip shape of the female face

How can my lips become more feminine? – transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkBeautifully shaped lips are essential to women since a sensual lip also emits sexual stimuli. In many men the upper and lower lip is relatively weak. This gives the face a somewhat harder and masculine expression. The lip correction is a promising method of giving the originally male face a softer and more feminine appearance.

How can a too narrow lip be filled in?

How can my lips become more feminine? – Clinic Dr. FunkIn the past, collagen was used to plump the lips and increase their volume. Today, for this purpose, hyaluronic acid is used. While collagen was very rigid and often gave the lips an unnatural shape, hyaluronic acid is a softer material which better supports natural facial expressions.

How long does the hyaluronic acid stay inside the lips?

The achieved result usually lasts between 1 and 1.5 years. In exceptional cases, the lips filled with hyaluron can maintain their shape for up to 2 years.

How does the lip filling create a natural, final result?

The objective of every lip correction is that its final result is no longer recognizable. To maintain the natural shape of the lips we use different injection points to introduce the hyaluronic acid into them:

  • The lateral entry at the lip red-lip white border
  • The volume points to increase the volume of the lips
  • The rotation points positioned at the back of the lip to rotate the lip outward

Which are the available options for a lip shortening?

By means of a so-called bullhorn plastic, the surgeon can remove parts of the skin from the nose edge. This way, the upper lip rotates outwards by shortening the distance between the nose and the upper lip. This accentuates the volume of the upper lip even better by often rejuvenating the face a little as well.

How can drooping mouth corners be corrected?

In plastic surgery, there are several options to achieve a correction of drooping mouth corners. The mouth corner is pulled down by a muscle called the depressor. This can be injected with Botox so to reduce some of its strength and to result in an automatic raising of the corner of the mouth. This increases the momentum of the laughing muscle by automatically pulling upwards the corner of the mouth.

In addition, the loss of volume and support in the area of the mouth corner can be injected with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat.

What must be particularly considered when carrying out a lip correction to achieve a face feminization?

How does a lip correction work? – feminization for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkMen naturally have narrower, more subtle lips matching their face. In case of the filling-up of these lips to make them look more feminine, the face harmony still has to be maintained.

Even after the execution of the lip correction, the lips still have to fit harmoniously into the face shape. The lips must never be the dominant feature on the face - they serve to support the eyes and the overall facial expression. The basic shape of the mouth must be retained as well if the final result is to look natural.

Which are the risks connected with the lip modelling?

The lip correction by means of hyaluronic acid is one of the low-risk facial feminization interventions. The lips are numbed locally by means of an analgesic ointment. The intervention lasts approximately 30 minutes.

After that, you are immediately fit to socialize again. During the hours following the lip correction, there may be slight redness and swelling. You can cool the area. Only a few hours later, you can reapply lipstick.

How expensive are lip corrections to achieve facial feminization?

The lip modelling in the context of the gender reassignment is usually not covered by health insurance. We would be glad to arrange an individual consultation with you to make you an offer.