Facial feminization: forehead reconstruction

That's how you get a feminine forehead – Clinic Dr. FunkIn order to give a male face female contours, the forehead often has to be modified accordingly as well. The surgical forehead modification is one of the most noticeable ways to modify a face and make it look more feminine.

We would be glad to advise you in our beauty clinic about this option of facial feminization.

What is the difference between a male and a female forehead?

The forehead is one of the most noticeable secondary sexual characteristics.

The male and female foreheads differ from one another for what concerns three main features.

1. Distinguishing feature: inclination and contour of the forehead

In men, the bone ridge, also known as forehead bossing in surgery, is much more noticeable. This forehead bossing is hardly noticeable in women. Men have a forehead crest making forehead angle steeper and sharper.
Women lack the brewing bones. This gives them a more vertical shape when viewed from the side and the angle between the nose and the forehead is more open. The female forehead appears generally rounder and more harmonious.

2. Distinguishing feature: line of the brows

Forehead feminization – Clinic Dr. FunkOne of the main differences between the male and female foreheads is the browbone. Many men have a raised rim of bone around the eye cavity called the browbone. The female forehead either has no or only a very subtle brow line.

3. Distinguishing feature: flat area between the eye cavities

The brow-bone often creates a flat area between the eye cavities in men. This flat spot is accordingly not available in women and is to be compensated for by filling material. In the context of a forehead reconstruction, we can shape a female forehead from a male-looking forehead in our beauty clinic.

In order to achieve a holistic picture of the feminization of transgender persons, there are numerous options besides the reconstruction of the forehead. For a comprehensive overview, you can click here: Face Feminization.
One option to make the face appear more feminine is the canthoplasty. You can find information about this method by clicking here: Canthoplasty.


The procedure of brow-bone reduction

If patients who were physically born as men want a more feminine face, we can carry out a brow-bone reduction in the context of the facial femininization. The brows are first shaved before a surgical modification can be performed. Overall, there are various methods of brow-bone reduction.

Forehead reconstruction classified by types

How can my forehead be more feminine? – Clinic Dr. FunkThe brow-bone mound is a massive bone which can be gradually removed. In some originally male patients, there is only a very small sinus connected to a very thick frontal sinus wall.

With this forehead type, the excess amount of bone may simply be abraded without the need for a costly surgical intervention.

If there is already a very feminine projection angle between the nose and forehead, then it is type 2. In this case, there is a concave area over the brow-bone the surgeon fills in with a special bone cement. This intervention gives the forehead its typical round and feminine shape.

The forehead of type 3 is the most common. Here the front wall of the frontal sinus bone is to be removed. After the removal, the removed bone area will be remodelled and then put back again.

It is a very complex intervention, but it is fraught with great success and good results. Sometimes, depending on the initial situation, various procedures have to be combined with one another.

Eyebrow feminization

A female face includes arched and thinner eyebrows. In men, the brows sit just below the orbital margins, while the female brows are either on or just below these margins.

The eyebrow shape may be changed in the context of the forehead lifting. This intervention may be carried out in combination with the forehead reconstruction. Here an incision is necessary as well. And this incision is made in the hairline.

The eyebrows may be mobilized through a minor incision and brought into the appropriate shape. Since the eyebrows are an essential feature of facial expression, a feminization of the eyebrows must be performed very carefully. The intervention must be performed exclusively by an experienced surgeon.

Is the forehead reconstruction a painful procedure?

The forehead reconstruction is performed under general anaesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain during the intervention. Pain may still occur a few days after the performance of the intervention. However, it can be treated very well with the usual painkillers.

What are the risks associated with the forehead reconstruction?

Getting a feminine shaped face – Clinic Dr. FunkThis intervention is associated with the usual surgical risks. We will inform you about them very precisely in advance. Generally speaking, we use self-dissolving sutures so that no sutures have to be pulled.

You can expect the forehead to be numb for a period of approximately 3 months.

Due to the swelling around the eyes, patients may have a blurred vision for a few weeks or months. You should also expect a change in the scalp sensation, due to the fact that the scalp is detached during the forehead reconstruction.

In most cases, the feeling and the awareness will be completely restored after a year.

The typical risks also include hair loss, primarily in the forehead area. However, it will regulate itself again.

How much does the forehead reconstruction cost?

As a rule, the costs of the forehead reconstruction in the context of facial feminization are not covered by the health insurance. For a cost estimate, it is best to make a direct consultancy appointment with Dr. Funk. He will determine the best method for your forehead reconstruction by then submitting you an individual cost estimate.

Are there any visible scars on the hairline due to a reconstruction of the forehead?

The surgical cut on the hairline creates a scar. So that this is as inconspicuous as possible after healing, it is irregularly curved during the cut. Immediately after the intervention, the scar is red and clearly visible. After a period of approximately 6 weeks, the hair grows through the scar, which largely disappears visually.