The most valuable thing for you is your face. We ensure a harmonious whole when it comes to your face.


Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) - cosmetic surgeon Dr. Funk

Appear more female by feminization – Dr. FunkThe face is usually the first impression made by a person and determining whether the person is perceived as a woman or a man.

This is why it usually does not suffice for transsexual persons to simply adapt the primary sex organs to their new identity.

Rather, the patients would like to be recognized holistically as women.

Through the face feminization - Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) - important optical features are adapted to the new body, so that especially the face has softer and more feminine features.

To get an overview of the options of cosmetic surgery to achieve gender reassignment corrections, please click here: Cosmetic Surgery for Transgender. In addition to the face feminization, there are other ways to emphasize a feminine appearance: body feminization.


Sexual differences between a male and female face

A female face generally looks rounder and more feminine. On the other hand, men have a more pronounced lower jaw angle looking more angular and edged. In the face, the cheekbones are strongly emphasized, the chin protrudes more prominently from the face and the male nose appears larger and wider than that of the woman as well.

A feminine nose usually has a slight curve. Eyebrows in women are located above the eye cavity and are thinner. In addition, they usually have a slightly curved course.

Cosmetic corrections in the field of facial feminization

Many minor facial details decide whether the face looks more masculine or more feminine. In addition to the prominent features such as the forehead, nose, cheek area or chin, they also include hairline, lips and earlobes. In our beauty clinic, we are able to offer the following interventions to transgender patients:

  • Reconstruction of the forehead
  • Hairline lowering
  • Eyebrow correction
  • Eyelid correction
  • Canthoplasty (tightening of the eyelid angle)
  • Nose correction
  • Cheek correction
  • Earlobe correction
  • Jaw correction
  • Chin plastic surgery / chin correction
  • Lip correction
  • Facial skin tightening
  • Chemical skin peeling
  • Fat injection (fat transfer)

FFS / facial feminization: the earlier, the better

Achieve a feminine face – Clinic Dr. FunkThe earlier the decision to gender reassignment is made, the more promising is the final facial feminization. For a full-grown man with pronounced male facial structures, the major challenge is the shaping of the female face from the male face.

The male head is large and angular. The cheekbone, the chin shape, the mouth shape, the length of the nose and the forehead are essential distinguishing features between men and women.

Within the scope of the surgical options, important details in the male face may be changed in such a way that the face appears more feminine.

The hairline lowering, the filling of the midface volume or the modification of the relation in the lower jaw brace as well as the modification of the mouth shape lead to the patient being perceived as a woman from the outside.

What is the process of a Facial Feminization Surgery (face feminization) like?

Due to the variety of possible adjustments, there are no standardized processes for facial feminization. The first step is to arrange a non-binding consultation interview with Dr. Funk. In this context, it is irrelevant whether the gender reassignment operation has already taken place.

Some patients also decide to anticipate the cosmetic corrections or to have them carried out in parallel with the transgender surgery. The more extensive the facial feminization should be, the more interventions will be required to be performed in the end. Often several interventions can be performed during one operation.

What effect may be achieved with an FFS?

We attach great importance to the maintenance your natural and distinctive facial features by at the same time giving your face a more feminine shape. Which interventions have to be carried out exactly depends on your individual anatomical requirements, such as your bone structure and the soft tissue overlying it.

To achieve the desired result, often many small cosmetic corrections are required during a period between 2 and 4 years. The final results are usually excellent, and our patients are completely satisfied.

When do I need a facial feminization?

Möglichkeiten der ästhetischen Chirurgie für Transgender It is entirely up to you to decide about it. In the best case, a born man having a feminine face does not need any operation and will still be perceived as a woman. However, adult men undergoing a reassignment as women often suffer from the fact that they continue to be perceived as men after their gender reassignment.

In fact, just by shaping a new penis, a man does not optically become a woman. Many transgender patients want their new identity to be recognized as a whole. This is why in this case we recommend that you have your face feminized.

There is always an indication for facial feminization:

  • if a trans woman feels uncomfortable looking in the mirror
  • if a trans woman is still visually seen as a man by others
  • if you are generally dissatisfied with your individual facial features (for example, with your nose, Adam's apple)

The positive effects of a facial feminization for transgender women

The feminization of the face can help you live confidently as a woman without worrying about being misperceived by others. Generally speaking, you feel more comfortable with your appearance, gain more self-confidence and can feel like a woman as a whole.

You can then leave the house without heavy make-up and let go of intimacy with a male or female partner. After the performance of the interventions, many patients tell us that they feel a much better connection to their body than they did immediately after the gender reassignment.

Does the health insurance company cover the costs of the facial feminization surgery?

Transgender surgeries – Clinic Dr. FunkGenerally speaking, the costs for an FFS are not covered by the health insurance. A cost reimbursement will only be approved in exceptional cases if the patient suffers from certain facial features such as an oversized nose having an excessive psychological impact.

The best thing to do is to arrange a free-of-charge consultation interview. After that, we will make you a non-binding offer for the targeted cosmetic corrections.

What are the risks involved in a facial feminization?

During the consultation interview, your cosmetic surgeon Dr. Funk will give you a detailed explanation of the potential risks. In the area of facial feminization, these risks are manageable. Immediately after the operation, depending on the intervention, there may be small swellings, but these will quickly subside.

If the bone is reworked during the operation, a feeling of numbness may arise at this point. The complete recovery can take between 4 and 12 months, depending on the intensity of the interventions.

Can several interventions be carried out contemporaneously in the context of a Facial Feminization Surgery?

Yes, they can. This is entirely possible and will be taken into account during the planning of multiple interventions in our beauty clinic. For example, during an intervention, it makes sense to carry out a hairline lowering, to correct the forehead and shape the eyebrows.