Breast build-up for body feminization

Breast augmentation for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkThe breast augmentation is one of the first operations which an anatomical man wishes for on the way to a woman's body. The female breast is a secondary gender characteristic distinguishing men from women at first glance.

This makes the desire of our transgender patients to be visually perceived in their real identity all the more understandable. In our beauty clinic, we have specialized in building the breast for our transsexual patients.

In order to achieve a holistic picture of the feminization of transgender persons there are other ways to achieve a feminine appearance in addition to breast augmentation. For a comprehensive overview, click here: Body feminization.
Another way to make the body appear more feminine is the buttock adjustment. Here you will find information about this method: The way to make my buttock more feminine.


Which is the best moment to carry out a breast augmentation?

I want feminine breasts – transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkAll who were born in a man's body naturally have less autologous fat, and this is especially the case in the chest area. This is the reason why implants are usually used in breast augmentation. When it comes to breast augmentation, the earlier it is carried out, the better it is.

If the process of gender reassignment begins in early childhood and adolescence, a growth of a female breast is often the natural result of the hormones. In this case, in most cases, the breast augmentation surgery is not needed.

We can provide operational assistance at a later stage. A breast build-up results in a natural result which can hardly be distinguished from an anatomically grown breast. Even at an advanced age, this intervention is still very successful and leads to satisfactory results for the transgender patient.

Procedure to achieve the breast augmentation

The procedure of the breast augmentation surgery is always individually tailored to the respective patient. It depends on the anatomical requirements as well as on the wishes of the transgender patient. In general, the surgeon makes a minor incision through which an implant is placed into the breast. Generally speaking, the scar heals invisibly.

Which implants are the suitable ones for the breast augmentation?

In our beauty clinic, we use two different types of breast implants:

  • Implants with silicone cover and silicone gel
  • Implants with silicone cover and saline solution

The implants can either be round, teardrop-shaped or shaped according to the anatomic structure. The shape, size and material of which implant is the suitable one for each individual case is decided individually by the surgeon together with the patient.

Does the breast augmentation form a natural result?

Breast augmentation for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkYes, it is. In our beauty clinic, we use state-of-the-art materials and implants. In combination with the experience and skills of the surgeons, they permit to achieve a very authentic result. The implants do not only look natural but feel natural as well.

At any time, we make the decision for an implant together with the patient. During the consultation, Dr. Funk will advise you in detail about the different surfaces and shapes. The anatomical men naturally have little autologous fat available in the chest area. Nevertheless, a well-shaped, female breast can be formed from a flat male breast by a breast build-up.

What risks have to be considered in case of a breast augmentation?

In our beauty clinic, we specialize in transgender operations. This is the reason why the breast augmentation is one of the routine interventions of our surgical team.

Thanks to modern processes, today, these risks can be largely minimized. Among the usual side-effects there are swellings in the operating room as well as pain after the operation. These side-effects can be managed with common painkillers. Occasionally, a capsular contracture may occur as well.

A slipping of the silicone implants is almost impossible today because the implants are positioned directly behind the breastbone which means that they cannot migrate from there.