Body feminization

Breast augmentation for body feminization

Getting a more feminine body shape – feminization for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkNowadays, the medical world offers many ways to give a male body a feminine form in the context of a transgender operation.

The focus on the body feminization concerns four areas:
The augmentation of the breast, the buttock, and the hip with implants and liposculpture.

On the following pages we would like to inform you about the options which are at our disposal in the context of transgender operations for the feminization of a male body.

The breast is one of the primary perceptible sexual characteristics and an expression of femininity.

How can my body get more feminine? – Clinic Dr. FunkIf an anatomical man is to become an anatomical woman, the breast augmentation and/or the breast build-up is a crucial intervention.

Men naturally have a small quantity of autologous fat in their breasts. This is the reason why a breast augmentation is usually carried out with implants.

The earlier the trans identity is discovered, the more hormones may support the build-up of the breast.

If the hormone therapy begins at a young age, the surgical breast augmentation is often no longer needed.

The administration of oestrogen forms the female breast even in an anatomical man.

In order to achieve a holistic picture of gender reassignment corrections by transgender persons, there are numerous options in addition to the body feminization. To get a comprehensive overview, please click here: Cosmetic Surgery for Transgender
In addition to the body feminization, there are other ways to emphasize a feminine appearance: the face feminization.


Buttock enlargement to achieve body feminization

A woman's ideal of beauty is a round and aesthetically curved bottom. In men, the buttocks naturally have a different, usually more elongated shape including a smaller quantity of autologous fat. The male bottom has a flatter shape. As a result of the feminization, it may achieve a more female shape.

Depending on the stature of the anatomical man, to shape the buttocks we work either with autologous fat or with buttock implants. The incision is carried out below the buttock fold so that there are no visible scars caused by the intervention. In combination with a buttock enlargement, at the same time, the bottom may be tightened and brought into the desired shape.

Hip enlargement to feminize the body

Body feminization for transgender women – Clinic Dr. FunkWomen have a wider pelvis and a correspondingly wider hips simply because they give birth. In anatomical men, the said area of the body is naturally narrower.

In the context of feminization, a male body may be made curvier, and the more angular and edgier hip receives a more feminine shape.

Oftentimes, hip implants made of silicone are used. They can optically change the shape of the hip outward. The implants are placed under the muscles. This method ensures that in the future the hip implants cannot slip.

The hip augmentation is often much less painful than, for example, the breast augmentation, because in the area of the hips there are fewer nerves.

Liposculpture for body feminization

Men naturally have a smaller quantity of autologous fat than women. If there is enough autologous fat, for the enlargement of the hip instead of an implant you can also use autologous fat transfer. In case of the liposculpture, the fat is taken from other areas of the body - frequently from the abdomen - to be injected into the hip so that it appears rounder and more feminine.

The advantage of this treatment method is that the body can be shaped by the fat removal in other areas at the same time. Only a small fat percentage is broken down again in this area so that liposculpture usually brings lasting results.