Hip correction for body masculinization

As a transgender man, you rightly want a typically masculine silhouette having fewer curves than that of a woman. Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat. This aspect is particularly evident in the hip area.

By means of liposuction at the appropriate places, we ensure that the female body loses its typical hourglass shape by approximating the masculine shape.

This is the appearance of the typical male silhouette

Hip correction for body masculinization – Clinic Dr. FunkSchematically speaking, the female body is shaped like an hourglass. The female body has more fat on the chest and hips and then becomes narrower towards the waist.

The woman's pelvis is larger as well since it is designed for the birth of a child.

On the other hand, the male pelvis is narrower and more at the level of the chest and buttock which gives the male body its typical box shape.

This is the reason why the objective of a hip correction for the body masculinization is to approximate the box-shaped stature of the male body.

Hip reduction by means of liposuction

To give the hip area a smaller appearance, we often recommend liposuction to our transgender patients. A cannula is used for the fat removal from the appropriate points on the hip.

Body masculinization: hip correction with liposuction – Clinic Dr. FunkThis visually slims the hip area. A positive side-effect is the following: With the suctioned fat cells, you can refill other areas of the body - for example in the buttock area.

This means that the hip correction using liposuction can be ideally combined with other transgender operations for the masculinization of the body.

Various options of hip liposuction

There are various hip liposuction methods. In our beauty clinic we use the so-called WAL method. WAL means water-assisted liposuction. With this liposuction method, the patient is first given a water injection, which gently peels the fat out of the tissue. Vessels and nerves are spared. After that, the gained body fat can be used for the filling of other body areas.

The procedure of the hip correction in combination with liposuction

Body masculinization: the procedure of a hip correction by liposuction – Clinic Dr. FunkThrough a liposuction carried out in the hip area, the surgeon can create an even contour with less feminine curves.

  • Step 1: Consultation session
    Our clinic has specialized in cosmetic surgery for transgender patients for many years. If you desire a more masculine body shape, the first step is to arrange a consultation session in order to compare your ideas with the medical options we can offer. In addition, you will get detailed information about the risks involved in the intervention.
  • Step 2: local anaesthesia
    In general, the liposuction for the hip correction is performed under local anaesthesia.
  • Step 3: Introduction of a saline solution
    The surgeon brings a fanned-out stream of saline solution under slight pressure through a cannula into the adipose tissue. The pulsating jet gently loosens the fat cells from the tissue. In this manner, they can be suctioned off very smoothly at the desired places. The saline solution is also withdrawn by using the same cannula. This reduces postoperative swelling.

Which complications can be caused by a hip correction?

After a liposuction, in very rare cases, thrombosis and embolism may occur. However, we are able to largely rule out this risk through detailed preliminary examinations and informative discussions.

Body masculinization / hip correction: risks and results – Clinic Dr. FunkPatients prone to blood clots should avoid undergoing liposuction.

In addition, the classic surgical risk with infections, bleeding and scars is involved. In contrast to the abdominal area, the hip liposuction does not involve a risk of damaging internal organs.

Is the result of the hip correction after having carried out the liposuction permanent?

Yes, it is since the extracted fat behaves like a cut-off body part. In case of a fat suction carried out on both hip sides, hardly any more fat can be deposited at this point.

Now, at this point you will maintain the desired male contour permanently.

When will I see the final result in the mirror after having carried out the hip correction?

Despite our gentle surgical method, after the operation, swelling and bruising can occur. These swellings will disappear within a few days or weeks.

At the latest three months after the intervention, you will see the final result of the hip correction for the body masculinization in the mirror.