Eyebrow correction for facial masculinization

The eyes are a central component of the face. They generally appear larger and more open in women because of the larger distance between the brow and the eye. The eyebrows differ between the sexes in minor but crucial features including both their position and shape. The compensation of these differences is surgically feasible by means of an eyebrow correction.

The importance of the eyebrows for our face

Transgender: Appear more masculine with an eyebrow correction – Clinic Dr. FunkThe eyebrows are the centre of the emotionality. This is the reason why also for transgender patients they are an important and very dominant feature on the face. They eyebrows express fear, fright, joy, or openness.

Consequently, they are a fundamental characteristic of non-verbal communication. Drooping eyebrows make a face look tired, and this applies in both men and women. An eyebrow correction may make a face not only look more masculine, but also more alert and fresher.

How do female and male eyebrows differ?

The eyebrows differ in both shape and position between the sexes. In women, the eyebrow is positioned approx. 1 cm above the so-called orbital edge and is slightly curved in its last third. In men, it is positioned approx. 1 cm below the orbital edge. The objective of the eyebrow correction is to compensate this difference.

Surgical techniques for eyebrow correction

There are several surgical techniques which may be implemented to modify the position and shape of the eyebrows.

Transgender masculinization: Possibilities of eyebrow corrections – Clinic Dr. FunkModification of the eyebrows by means of an incision

The surgeon may make a minor incision either on the upper edge of the eyebrow or in the hairline. In this manner, for example, he will be able to compensate for existing asymmetries. Sagging eyebrows are raised slightly during the intervention - the gaze appears both more open and alert.

In addition, the typical curve taken by a female brow in its last third can be made a little straighter.

Changes to the eyebrows due to a facelift

With a facelift, several birds may be killed with one stone. In this context, the facelift does not necessarily have to affect the whole face, but only parts of it such as the forehead area including the eyebrows. When it comes to older transgender patients, the facial skin is smoothed again by a lifting.

In our beauty clinic, we have developed a special facelift method which can be used sensibly with transgender patients as well. During the facelift, it is fundamental that the proportions and the interaction of the components such as the shape of the lower jaw, the cheek area, the chin, the eyebrows, and the mouth corners are taken into account.

Modification of the eyebrows with a thread lifting

If a transgender patient has a typically feminine eyebrow with a slight outward curve, the face will keep a feminine impression. With a thread lifting, this shape and the position of the eyebrows can be modified. A great side-effect: This way, even small wrinkles disappear. So, at the same time, you can benefit from a rejuvenating effect.

For all surgical techniques for eyebrow correction and adjustment, the phenotypic statement of a face must finally be authentic and match other features. This is the reason why, when it comes to facial masculinization, the shaping of the nose, chin or eyebrows does often not suffice since, generally speaking, the coordination of several procedures is required.

How is an eyebrow lifting implemented?

The procedure for an eyebrow lifting intervention depends on the method chosen. Usually, the only thing needed is a local anaesthetic. The eyebrow correction is carried out on an outpatient basis; a longer stay in the hospital is usually not required.

Since the eyebrows of the genetic woman are naturally thinner and finer, the incision may also be made at the hairline of the scalp instead of directly on the nests. In this way, the eyebrow lifting may be wonderfully combined with a face lifting to give the face a younger and fresher expression.

Are there any scars left from an eyebrow lifting?

Appear more masculine / eyebrow correction: scarring? Risks? – Clinic Dr. FunkThe intervention is minimally invasive and usually performed endoscopically. Today, the work is carried out by means of a hidden line of incision. If an incision is required, it is carried out at the hairline or at the base of the brow so that it is not or hardly visible at a later stage.

Are there any risks involved in an eyebrow correction?

Minimal risks are involved in an eyebrow correction. The area may feel numb, swell slightly, or turn red. These after-effects will be automatically reduced after a few days. The infection risk is also minimal. The intervention should only be performed by an experienced surgeon, for example in order to exclude injuries to the facial muscles.