Body masculinization during sex reassignments

If you would like to adapt your body to the male identity through plastic surgery, you can use various options in the field of plastic surgery. These primarily concern not only the reshaping of the genital organs, but optical corrections in the face and body as well.

Among others, they particularly include breast reduction, buttock correction, hip correction and liposculpture.

Masculine changes in the female body due to hormones

Transgender men – body masculinization – Clinic Dr. FunkThe earlier in life the sex reassignment process begins, the better it is.

If hormones are taken before the period of puberty, many areas of the body will be formed "by themselves".

No female breast forms in the first place, and the male body hair and beard growth often appear by themselves.

However, the later the body masculinization is started, the more cosmetic operations will be required at a later stage to transform a female body into a male one.

We perform thee following cosmetic operations for the body masculinization

In our beauty clinic we have specialized in the field of gender reassignment. Dr. Funk and his team perform masculinizing surgeries on the body so that the visual identity also corresponds to the perceived identity of transgender patients.

Body masculinization: breasts, hips, buttocks, other areas – Clinic Dr. FunkBody masculinization in the chest area

A prominent, optical distinguishing feature between men and women is the female breast. For understandable reasons, transgender patients perceive their breasts as very annoying; for this reason, operations in the chest area are among the first operations usually undergone by transgender patients. During the operations performed in the chest area, the chest body is surgically removed, and the nipples are moved to their aesthetically correct position. The objective of this operation is to get a flat chest which anatomically fits into the man's appearance.

Buttock correction for the body masculinization

Women naturally have a higher fat percentage in their bodies than men. This is also the reason why they naturally have a larger and rounder buttock. On the other hand, the male buttock appears flatter and is not as well-padded as the female one. Thanks to a buttock correction, this part of the body can also obtain a more masculine shape.

Hip correction for body masculinization

In order for a female body to have a male silhouette, modifications of the hip shape are often necessary. The woman has a wider pelvis. As a consequence, she has a wider hip than the anatomical man. In addition, also in this area the body fat percentage in women is much higher than in men. A hip correction and liposuction in this area may make the female hips appear narrower, by giving the entire silhouette a more masculine shape.

Liposculpture for the body masculinization

The body of a genetic form typically resembles an hourglass. It has a narrow waist and then widens towards the waist. On the other hand, in the case of genetic men, the silhouette is straighter and more "angular". Many transgender patients would like to get closer to this body shape so that their true identity can be recognized at first glance. In the context of a liposculpture, the originally female body can be shaped so that it takes on a male shape.