Transgender cosmetic surgery

Emphasize your true gender - Clinic Dr. FunkTransgender persons achieve a significantly higher quality of life through transgender surgery.

Through the operative gender adjustment, the subjectively experienced gender identity is also visible from the outside.

For our both male and female patients, such an operation is life-changing in a positive sense of the term.

In our beauty clinic, we have specialized in beauty adjustments after transgender operations, focusing on the treatment and improvement of the appearance of secondary gender characteristics.

In addition to the gender reassignment surgeries for transgender persons, our clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery also offers other types of treatments. You can find information about these additional services, as well as a lot more information about us, on our website


Important note on the current jurisprudence!

We would like to point out that the Federal Social Court of Germany (BSG) has rejected the claim of a trans woman to be reimbursed for a "facial feminization intervention".

Overall, the statutory health insurances would only have to pay trans persons the treatments resulting in a "clear approximation" of a feminine appearance, as the judges in Kassel emphasize in their court judgement. Decision (file number: B 1 KR 8/19 B) - you can find the court judgement (in German) here:

Surgical interventions emphasizing the new gender

For most transgender people, gender reassignment does usually not suffice.

Even if the primary sexual characteristics are adjusted after the gender reassignment, the secondary beauty characteristics still show their original shape without matching the new appearance.

This is exactly what we take care of in the context of special beauty adjustments.

Man to woman - facial feminization

Looking more feminine by feminization – Clinic Dr. FunkThe face is often the first indication of a person's gender.

Men naturally have a larger and more angular face. If this should become more feminine after a gender reassignment, we fill in the midface and modify the relations in the lower jaw brace.

Furthermore, the cheeks can be filled with autologous fat, 50% of which remains there permanently, so that no follow-up operations will be required.

The final facial modelling with Botox will later make the face appear rounder and softer.

Further modifications in the context of facial feminization are made in the area of the mouth and the nose. The female mouth is given more volume, the nose is reduced in size and has a more feminine shape. In addition, through surgical measures, the eyes, forehead, and Adam's apple are also feminized.

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About the beauty clinic Dr. Funk

Man to woman - body feminization

As a result of the transition, women feel more coherent and content in their bodies after having performed gender reassignment. Often it is enough to change minor nuances so that the entire body appears more feminine after having performed the transgender surgery.

The cosmetic surgeon Dr. Funk advises the patient in advance on which interventions are meaningful and will achieve the best results. The objective is to get by with as few physical treatments as possible so that you feel comfortable in your body.

After the feminizing surgery carried out on the primary sex organs, there are other options to give the original male body a female shape. Among others, for example, there is the build-up of a female breast and the correction of the Adam's apple. The hairline lowering is also an important part of facial feminization.

Woman to man - face masculinization

Looking more masculine by masculinization – Clinic Dr. FunkWith the face masculinization, we want to preserve the features and individual characteristics of the face and at the same time give it a more masculine effect.

The male face is characterized by distinctive facial features, a strong chin area and pronounced jawbones.

Surgical interventions and injections can create masculine facial structures and make the entire face look more masculine, fresher, and more attractive.

The most common cosmetic corrections in this area include the modelling of the jawbone, the nose, the chin as well as the chin line.

Woman to man - body masculinization

The first step of the body masculinization is usually the alignment of the primary sex organs. However, further cosmetic corrections are often needed at a later stage.

Among others, for example, they include the breast removal, the liposuction on the abdomen as well as the tummy tuck, and the upper arm and thigh lifting.

The modern options offered by aesthetic surgery

Possibilities of cosmetic surgery for transgender personsWith the transformation of the primary genitals, the transformation of a person from woman to man and vice versa is far from concluded.

Rather, it is about making the entire appearance more feminine or more masculine. A man is far from being perceived as a man just because he has a penis. Structures such as the body shape, the buttock or the hip are much more decisive when it comes to external perception.

After their gender reassignment surgery, patients want to be holistically perceived as women or as men. This also means that the face appears more feminine, or the entire body appears more masculine.

Our clinic specializes on cosmetic surgeries after the gender reassignment surgery, focusing on secondary sexual characteristics and the adjustments that can be made.

In this context, the main focus is on the adjustment of the face and the head and on the structuring of the body, i.e. on a harmoniously appealing female or male head and body shaping and contouring.

FAQ: Your general questions about cosmetic corrections in the context of the gender reassignment

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No, we don't. In our beauty clinic only cosmetic adjustments of the secondary sexual characteristics such as eye area, nose, face, mouth, chest, hands, feet, or abdomen are carried out.

Of course, you can. You are free to decide whether you want to carry out a gender reassignment as a first step and then optimize other features of your body or begin with the cosmetic adjustments. Many patients choose to first adapt their external appearance to their identity before taking the big step of the penis or vagina reshaping.

The entire forming process takes place in various steps. Regardless of the primary gender reassignment, the face and body adaptation in chronological order takes between 2 and 4 years. However, you can speed up the process by reducing it to a period between 1.5 and 2 years.

In this context, we must adhere to various legal requirements. The patient must be officially classified as transgender person. Once this has been done, we will be able to carry out all transgender cosmetic corrections within the framework of what is medically feasible.