Earlobe correction for the facial masculinization

The earlobes have been a neglected area in cosmetic surgery for a long time. The earlobes are an important part of the face playing a significant role in transgender patients as well. If the earlobes have grown too small, the entire face can obtain a more feminine appearance. Too small, torn-out or overgrown earlobes can easily be corrected in the context of a minor intervention.

In this way, we often make a significant contribution to facial masculinization in combination with other interventions.

What does the typical male earlobe look like?

Transgender masculinization of the earlobes – Clinic Dr. FunkMen naturally have slightly larger earlobes that are proportionally better suited to the slightly larger face of a man. There is no standard for the appearance of a perfect earlobe. It is fundamental to keep an eye on the proportions even when performing an earlobe correction and, if needed, to combine the earlobe adjustment with other procedures for facial masculinization. A harmonious and round shape which has not grown will suit most faces.

When is an earlobe correction worthwhile for transgender patients?

Genetic women often have ear piercings pierced in childhood that are now either fully grown or simply no longer wanted. Fully grown and torn-out pierced ears can be aesthetically corrected. We can also beautify deformed earlobes with a surgical intervention.

If the gender reassignment is only carried out at an advanced age, the earlobes are often longer and thinner than they were in the past. At this point, with minor interventions, the surgeon can give the earlobe back its former momentum. This can also be a fundamental component in the masculinization of the entire face.

What are the surgical options when it comes to an earlobe correction?

Depending on the indication, there are different options when it comes to the surgical earlobe modification. The reduction in size of the earlobe is usually only required in the context of facial feminization.

For transgender men it is more about the enlargement and the new shaping of the earlobe, the compensation of deformations or the aesthetically correction of torn-out ear holes.

  • Correction of torn-out earlobes
    If too heavy jewellery is worn in the ears for a long time, this results in an enlargement of the ear holes which can tear out in the worst case. This results in an unnatural appearance of the earlobe. In the context of an earlobe correction, we can solve all open areas layer by layer and then put them back together again. The skin flap surgery gives the earlobe a natural shape fitting your face and identity.
  • Compensation of asymmetries
    By nature, earlobes may grow unevenly. If the asymmetry is very pronounced, the affected people often feel uncomfortable with it and want both sides to be more like one another. Thanks to a surgical intervention, the restoration of the same shape and size on both sides will be possible.
  • Loosening of attached earlobes
    Sometimes one earlobe or even both sides have attached naturally. This looks unnatural and not very masculine, in particular on a male face. Thanks to a correction of the earlobes, we loosen the skin and can consequently make a significant contribution to the masculinization of the entire face.

Are there any scars left after surgical correction of the earlobes?

These days, in cosmetic surgery we can already work with very small and fine incisions which are barely visible after they have healed. Nevertheless, a tiny scar may be left. It is usually barely visible, even up close.

Could the earlobes be re-pierced after a surgical intervention?

Yes, this is possible, no problem. If you as a man want to wear earrings again at a later stage, we recommend that you place the hole slightly offset from the incision. It often makes sense to fill the earlobe with hyaluronic acid beforehand so to make it particularly stable.

The earlobe build-up in the context of facial masculinization

Earlobe correction / masculinization risks and costs – Clinic Dr. FunkTransgender patients born women have a great desire to be recognized in their identity as a man at first glance. Often little things in the face can make this difference. For example, a too small earlobe is perceived as a sign of femininity. By means of the earlobe build-up, we can enlarge it by adapting it to the new, more masculine face.

With a hyaluronic acid syringe, the volume of the earlobe is increased and looks bigger. In addition, there is a positive side-effect in older transgender patients that the removal of wrinkles is feasible as well.

What are the risks involved in an earlobe correction?

There are minimal risks involved in this procedure. Since the earlobe has an exceptional blood circulation, the infection risk is very low. In general, you will not feel any pain or other symptoms after the intervention. So, you can go back to your usual activities the next day.

How expensive is an earlobe correction?

The costs always depend on which intervention the individual patient decides on. Since this is a purely aesthetic procedure, the insurance does not cover the incurring costs. You can expect prices between 300.00 and 800.00 euros per earlobe.