Fat injection for facial feminization

Feminine faceby injection of autolous fat – Clinic Dr. FunkThe face gives a first impression of whether a person is a man or a woman. If in the context of a gender reassignment you are still dissatisfied with pronounced masculine features on your face, you can make your facial features appear more masculine or feminine in the context of a facial feminization. We emphasize the typically female face characteristics by means of a fat injection.

From where is the autologous for the facial modelling taken?

There are different body areas the autologous fat for the face modelling can be extracted from. We usually remove the fat from the stomach or from the buttock. For the purpose of this treatment, the autologous fat can also be removed from the inner thighs.

The advantages of autologous fat treatment:

  • No allergic reactions
  • High rates of fat cell growth
  • A repetition of the intervention will not be necessary
  • The procedure can be combined with liposuction
  • Facial feminization and anti-wrinkle treatment all in one

So, a face is feminized by means of the fat injection

Getting rid of wrinkes with autologous fat – feminization – Clinic Dr. FunkThe injection of autologous fat onto the face is a minimally invasive method permitting the achievement of very impressive and lasting results. In an initial consultation, we will check are the facial areas which can be modelled in the individual case so to create a natural result.

Cheek augmentation and/or lipofilling

Women have a smaller, rounder face with higher cheekbones. In order to feminize the angular face of the born man, a cheek augmentation with autologous fat can be carried out. During this intervention, fat is injected into the cheeks to make the cheekbones appear higher. In this manner, your face obtains new, softer contours. The injection into the cheekbones is the minimally invasive alternative to the insertion of cheek implants.

Midface injection

The woman's midface naturally has more volume, while the man in this area has more distinctive and sunken facial features. Through the filling-up of the midface volume, the woman's face gets more harmonious and rounder features. In the course of this intervention, the temple area and deeper-lying eye cavities may be visually brought out through the fat injection.

A sensual mouth

The autologous fat treatment is also ideal for the plumping-up of the naturally narrower man's mouth to give it a sensual and feminine shape. As an alternative, in this context, also hyaluronic acid can be used.

Wrinkle injection with autologous fat

During the facial feminization procedure, age wrinkles can be smoothed out. This way, the face gets a smooth and more even complexion and looks years younger. In addition, thanks to this treatment method we are able to correct small wrinkles in the cleavage.

Does the face look artificial after the fat application?

No, it doesn't. The great advantage of autologous fat is that it permits the creation of a completely natural result. While Botox paralyzes certain face areas while this can result in a distorted and artificial expression, this risk is excluded with the autologous fat treatment. It is crucial that the intervention is carried out by an experienced surgeon so that the face is filled with the correct quantity of autologous fat in the right places. Fine lines and facial features can be modelled selectively with Botox to achieve a perfect final result.

Does the autologous fat remain on the face permanently?

Looking more feminine with autologous fat injection – Clinic Dr. FunkThanks to innovative methods of fat processing, only a small proportion of the fat cells are metabolized after the lipofilling. About 50 percent of the injected fat will remain permanently on the face and cheek area. To achieve an improvement of the growth rates, we use a special injection technique in which we only use exceedingly small fat quantities per injection.

As a result, the individual cells are supplied with blood more quickly which means that more cells can survive. Generally speaking, lasting results can be expected after the first treatment; otherwise, the fat injection is to be repeated.

What are the risks involved in a fat injection on the face?

Since autologous fat is an endogenous filler, reactions to it are rarely to be expected. The lipofilling is a minimally invasive treatment method hardly involving any risks. If there is no even transfer of the autologous fat into the right places, this can result in facial asymmetries. This risk can be minimized if an experience surgeon carries out the treatment.

Redness and swelling can occur at the removal points of the autologous fat. In addition, bruises often occur. A swelling of the face can also occur due to the many injection points; however, the swellings will subside after approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

What does the facial feminization with autologous fat cost?

This treatment is also not a health insurance benefit in the context of gender reassignment which means that it must be paid for privately. The costs are based on various indicators, for example whether the procedure should be combined with liposuction in other problem areas. After a personal consultation, we will be glad to make you an individual offer for your treatment in our beauty clinic in Munich.